What's a Women to Do?

What is a woman to do?  Our culture would say do anything and everything that you want or desire.  Is this really a woman's purpose, to fulfill all her earthly desires and wants and then die?  I say No,  God had a plan when he designed woman.  She was created  out of a need.  When God created Adam, God said that it was not good for him to be alone....Woman was created to be a companion for her husband.  Think about it, he would be alone without her....not complete, he needs her.  When God had designed woman as the completer of man, He then told them to multiply and fill the earth.  Bearing children with your husband is God's will for you.  What a beautiful gift and design is the womans body, that will change during pregnancy and nurture and grow a new life, one formed miracoulously by the joining together of the man and womans body.  We have turned away from God's beautiful design and have enbraced lies.  We decide how many children that we want or if we even want them at all.  We decide when we will have children, if it is a convenient time, or if we can afford them.  We alter our hormones to prevent pregnancy,  we butcher our bodies ending our fertility when we think we are done, and in the event of an unplanned pregnancy we abort our babies and just get rid of the 'problem'.  Dear woman your body and your fertility is a beautiful and precious gift, embrace it!