What in the Worlds Going On

We live in a world with both life and death.  Why?  If God is good (and He is) why is there death in the world?  Why evil?  Why murder?  Why wars?  The answer goes back almost to the beginning...you see when God created this world there were none of these bad things...but mankind disobeyed God in that early creation...he had been given everything that he needed, things were perfect.   Death came into the world as a result of mans sin against God, as a result of that first disobedience....the wages of sin are death.  God's law reveals to us how desperate we truly are...You shall have no other gods before me.  Have you worshipped God, thanked Him for your life?   You shall not bear false witness (don't tell lies).  Have you ever lied?   stolen anothers property?  All of these things are sins against God....each one of us will face Him one day, every person will stand before Him...are you good enough?   I don't mean by your measure or mine...but by God's standard.  God is good, so good that He will have to judge sin.  All have sinned and fallen short.  The good news is that He loves you even though you are a sinner....He made a way to forgive your guilt...He sent His Son Jesus who took sins penalty for you.  Yes He died, that was the penalty for your sin,death.....and if you believe on Him, confessing your sin to Him, He will forgive you....when you stand before God one day God will not look at your guilt but will see that your sin has been paid in full.  Jesus Christ (God's Son) wants to be your Savior today.